construction jobs


It’s October 2021 and, after a ridiculously long spell of social distancing and staying in, there is finally a feeling of hope and optimism across the UK. Now seems like the perfect time for us to take our online service to the next level.

The construction, property, and engineering sectors are firing on all cylinders again and employers are confidently hiring across all markets.
Indeed, even better, there is a lot of catching up being done.
Projects that were forced to be suspended during the pandemic are coming back on stream in large numbers. Confidence from investors and developers is sky high – predictions of a never-before-seen 7% - 8% growth in the UK economy has investors scrambling to back projects of all sizes.

It’s a fantastic time to be looking for a job across all these sectors:
  • Infrastructure projects like HS2 are full steam ahead with the government promising major new investment for more mega-projects
  • Housebuilding is back on track with hundreds of thousands of new homes required across the UK
  • Relaxation of planning laws will mean easier and quicker permission to extend or rebuild private properties
  • The trend for more homeworking is creating massive demand for home redevelopment and office-to-residential conversions
  • The continuing trend towards online retail means mass conversion of shops into other types of building
And these are only some of the reasons employers in our sectors need to hire quality people and increase their capacity.
Our new website already features a vast array of opportunities but applying for jobs here isn’t the only thing we offer:
  • Create your own Candidate account and upload your CV so we can match you with new jobs and employers as soon as opportunities arise
  • Call us for a chat to describe your perfect job and get a feel for current possibilities
We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your success this year.