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Never has Sustainability been higher on the agenda for the construction and property sectors.

The 2050 Net Zero government mandate has focused all industries on the critical importance of sustainable practice. This applies to the construction sector almost more than any other - the number one contributor of carbon emissions in the UK is building stock, primarily residential.
​All companies, from global consultancies to local sub-contractors, are increasingly required to understand the impact of their work; scrutinise their supply chains, and ensure ever-higher sustainable standards.
ESG, Carbon, Energy, BREEAM, LEED, Renewable, Green - these are just some of the terms making their way into job titles under the overall banner of Sustainability.
Remarkably, UK residential property is the number one contributing source of carbon emissions in the country. To mitigate this, seismic changes are happening.
Almost incredibly, no new residences will be built with gas boilers by 2030 – all properties are expected to have moved on to heat pumps or alternatives.
Going green is no longer an aspiration; it’s an essential, required part of our lives.
At Brandon James we play our part through our own in-office activities and attention to our supply chain.
And of course, from Directors of Global Sustainability through to Heat Pump Installers - we're proud to be helping the effort to combat climate change and make our industry cleaner and healthier for all.