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Brandon James is a great place to work.​

There are a lot of reasons for that. For a start, every one of us is given a huge amount of support and time to develop into a successful, fully rounded expert in our field.

For another, we don't hire people based on specific types of previous experience or 'hunger for success'. Instead, we look for strength of personality, resilience, communication skills, potential and commitment.

That's probably why our team is so diverse, and why so many of us have been working happily here for many years.

It helps that our training and development means that all of our recruitment consultants earn fantastic rewards.

It also helps that we love nothing more than breaking things up with trips, events and a lot of laughter...

...not to mention our superb, spacious HQ in the heart of Marlow. Perfect for maintaining an ideal work/life balance.

We're currently hiring multiple highly motivated and ambitious people to join our growing team of:

Recruitment Consultants

No, we’re not looking for the next Wolf of Wall Street. Our consistent success is based on professionalism, expertise and hard-work.


We have learned over the years that our most successful Consultants are not the loudest, brashest or most cut-throat; instead, they are the best communicators, the most resilient, and the genuinely decent people who can build real relationships with our precious clients and candidates.


So, you need to be intelligent, confident, and articulate. The job involves a LOT of written communications. Your written English must be excellent. However, most of all, you must be someone who wants to be successful. Without genuine, personal ambition, this is a very tough job to do every day.

You don't need any relevant experience or any particular qualifications. Some of our most successful people are university graduates; others managed just a handful of GCSEs.

Some bring 10+ years' previous work experience; others have only had part-time jobs in hospitality or retail. It doesn't matter to us - we're focused on your personality and your skill set - and we offer comprehensive training to all new starters.

Because this job takes a special kind of person, the rewards are pretty special too. Our results-based Career Pathway works alongside our Rewards & Milestones scheme to offer dozens of benefits including frequent, generous salary increases.

Private health, extra holiday, hybrid working, luxury gifts, holidays, tickets to events and festivals, fine dining, contributory pension, electric car goes on.

If you are truly money motivated, there couldn't be a much better package. On top of a competitive salary, you benefit from a totally uncapped commission scheme which gets increasingly generous as you sell more. Average annual earnings per consultant are:

Year 1: £36,505

Year 2: £60,168

Year 3: £96,564

3 to 4 years from now, you could be earning over £100,000 per year with a fantastic benefits package on top.

​​Interested? Think you have what it takes? Live near Marlow?

Get in touch with Cliff Kemp on 01628 367030 or - what have you got to lose?